I am not going to waste your time here…

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to know how to make social media work at building your income. You have a business–or want to start one–and you are here to find out how you can better utilize social media to turn potential customers into paying customers.

So,  on the right you will find links to the various sections of this website. These are:

1. My Articles. These are articles I have written on honing your online presence to make more money.  The majority of these are going to be inspired by people posting desperate queries in online entrepreneur and networking forums. 

2. Subjects. Think of this as the broad categories of subject matter covered here. Click a subject and there you will find articles I have written, as well as links to articles by written by third parties third parties. Those third party links will be only the title of the article, and a link to the article. (I get a slew of these in my inbox every day, and I toss out most of them. But of those that I feel are of possible use to people like you I post here.) 

3. Tags. These are the “themes” or “focal points” of articles. Think of it this way:  An article may fit the of overall category of Web Marketing, but it might focus in on how better photography or a shorter sales pitch will achieve that. In that case, the article would probably be under the category of “Web Marketing” but it might carry tags of “Photography” and “Better Writing”.

4. Contact Me. If you want to reach me, and ask questions about anything, click on that link.


Darrell M. Crosgrove JD, MBA, BS

My brief bio:

As a former lawyer, I did primarily criminal defense and advised businesses clients. As a U.T. Instructor in the University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation I taught some of the best and brightest business students in the North West Ohio region. I've had 22 academic articles published in such journals as HR: Advisor and the Journal of Compensation and Benefits. In my younger days I did all sorts of odd jobs such as a driving instructor, McDonald's fry cook, and airman in the United States Air Force. Now all I want to do is share my knowledge with people who want to make their OWN business work so they can provide for themselves and their families.