Why you NEED to know about WordPress

Word Press

by Darrell Crosgrove

Simply put, WordPress is easily the most popular website building platform in the world. It is free. It has tens of thousands of modules you can add, most of them free. It is fairly simple to use to set up a decent basic web page. It is likely that your first real business website is going to be a WordPress website.

But, I am NOT suggesting you LEARN WordPress and build your own professional WordPress site. Rather, the articles I have saved on WordPress are ones I consider valuable for you to know exist. For example, if a new module will synchronize your Facebook ads AND your Website ads better than others will, it is important for you to at least know this is possible when you are paying someone to build your website. If you don’t know about this ability when you are ordering your website, the person who is selling you their services of building it might not think to even ask if you want it. And if you don’t know about it, and they don’t think to offer it, guess what you will be doing forever–manually copying your ads from FB to your website, or vice versa.

Doing a price drop on 10 items?

Unless you knew to have that module installed, you get to do 20 listing modifications–10 per site.

And if you miss one in the process…

WordPress at the basic level is easy. ANYONE can set up a basic page. But, getting WordPress to hum along and sell your product–best to leave that to a professional.

But, you need to know that a car HAS an overdrive before you can put it into overdrive, right?

My suggestion is that every new entrepreneur SHOULD set up their first basic website using online tutorials. And from that point on, they should stay aware of what advancements have been made in WordPress so they can request those changes be added if they will help move more product, or otherwise fill a business need.

And why should you build that first website yourself? So you understand the language being used in the articles about new WordPress features. You spend 2-3 hours getting familiar with the very basics of WordPress, and from that point on, when you read about module updating you understand why it is best to leave that as an automatic process. Or when changes are made to the Elementor system to improve interface functionality, you understand WHAT The Elementor system is.

Your website WILL be using WordPress in all likelihood.

So, the articles are there because it is important for anyone with a WordPress site to understand what is going on with WordPress so you can have someone make the changes and updates to suit your needs.