GRAND OPENING!!! (sort of)

2021/09/13 Revision

Welcome to the Income Driven Social Media website. It is still rough, but I decided it was time to pull the trigger, and throw open the information to the public. I am not selling anything here, but rather, think of this as a library of information for new and potential entrepreneurs. In the groups I am in, I see far, far too many people asking basic questions about what they:

  • Should be doing as a side gig/business
  • How they should get started
  • How they can attract customers
  • How they can grow

The problem isn’t that these people are unwilling to work–it is that they have never had anyone actually give them the constructive advice the need. And, sadly, the minute any new entrepreneur posts a “I need help” message, they are immediately deluged with a ton of offers from people wishing to sell them logos, sell them business advice, sell them professional websites, etc, etc…

And most of those offers reek of someone just trying to extract cash and never delever a quality product.

The end result is that a lot of good people who want to build their own companies are left frustrated.

Every day, as part of my research, I scour the Web for articles and stories that provide relevant information on being an Entrepreneur, and how Social Media is THE key to making a business grow. I have been doing this for a while, and have a large backlog of files. What I have decided to do is throw open these files for you to look over. I promise to start posting these every weekday for people to read. I will be posting them in the following locations:

And I 100% PROMISE to get a less stuffy image in the near future!

My best advice for right now is to join me on the Facebook PAGE if you just want to read articles, but if you want to interact with others, the GROUP will be built into an interactive group with interactive lessons and tutorials. (So you may wish to join both!)

Also, bookmark this page. On the right hand side you will find a growing menu of articles, sorted by subject, for you to read at your convenience.

If you have any questions or comments, DM me on Facebook!



PS. I make NO claim to authorship or ownership of MOST of these articles and do only claim the ones bearing my name as the author. These are presented under the Fair Use Doctrine as they are being supplied to educate people. I will be suppling authorship information, and links to their original sites so you may visit their pages for more information.